LONDON FIRE BRIGADE employees can apply for up to 6 discounts including friends or family.

To get the benefit of Employee advantage discount you need to fill the discount application online within 30 days of upgrade or new connection, as it is amandatory requirement of the offer.

Please  apply online by clicking the below link:


However, please note:-

  • 20% or 10% discount is available only on line rental. 20% discount for the line rental of £20 or more and 10% discount for the line rental of less than £20.
  • The iPad and Tablet offer is available on 24 month, Pay monthly plans of £22 per month or more. The 15% discount only applies to these plans. Plans of less than £21 per month are exempt from the discount offer
  • Discount is not available on household price plan; business price plans, mobile broadband and prepaid contracts.
  • Discount cannot be applied in conjunction with any other promotional offers or discounts.
  • Discount can be applied only if the new connection or upgrade is done via Vodafone retail stores, our online or telesales.
  • Discount will be removed when you upgrade or change the price plan and you will have to reapply for it.