Free Group Training Class for LFB

Local personal trainer Lee Steggles is offering a free, one hour, group fitness training taster session (min 2 per group), aimed specifically at London’s Fire Service.

The training style he uses is called CrossFit. It was originally designed to prepare the armed forces, Fire-Fighters, Police and Ambulance crews for the unknown physical tasks that they encounter on a daily basis and it also has a huge part to play in general health too.

On the corner of Union Street and Ewer Street, SE1 Lee has access to a large space set up with a plethora of equipment including, barbells, ropes, gymnastics rings, sandbags, kettlebells, tyres and more. Man or Woman & with age being irrelevant, the beauty of this training system is that everything can be scaled to YOUR ability.

By training using CrossFit you will improve your strength, your body shape and general physical preparedness. By CrossFit-ing you will improve your bone health, you will have more energy at work and you will live longer with a better quality of life.

The taster session would be around lunchtime.

For more information or if you are interested in signing up with a group get in touch with Lee via the ‘contact us’ page on his website or call: 07950 804 276